A while ago I discussed with a friend the possibility of using the words from a song to form the framework of a structured piece of creative writing. We settled on the following set of instructions:

  • Take a song you particularly like. Take enough of the lyrics to encapsulate a sequence of five or six snippets of story with lyrics between them.
  • Each snippet of story must be 100 words long; not a word more and not a word less.
  • The song must entirely bracket the story (I.E. lyrics at the start and at the end).
  • The story doesn’t have to be about the song or indeed related to it; but the two must work as a single intertwined entity.
  • Each snippet must be told from a different point of view. You may use an impersonal narrative as one of them.

My first attempt at the genre is entitled “How wonderful life is.” and I encourage you to read it and I hope it inspires you to have a go yourself.

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