…Ubuntu, erm, 0.75?

Today I attempted to install Ubuntu on my shiny new desktop computer. Of course; me being me decided that WinXP would be a good plan so that I could dual-purpose the machine as a games box too. (Command and Conquer just doesn’t work under wine; at all; no way) So I installed WinXP; marvelled at how WinXP didn’t support the USB, Ethernet or VGA, dug around to find the files on the CD and installed those drivers; upgraded WinXP to SP2, and then decided to install Ubuntu.

I popped the disc in the drive; booted; hit enter a few times, typed in a hostname, did a little fiddle with the partitions since I had WinXP to preserve and let it get on with things. It installed; grub found my XP install and enabled that; everything was fine; it rebooted into Ubuntu and walked me through base-installer. Feels like a slick Debian so far. Then it goes ahead and installs the desktop stuff (slick) and all seems well. Then we hit X, and lo and behold it looks pretty; has detected the abilities of my monitor; and then what’s this? My mouse pointer won’t move.

Unfortunately Ubuntu doesn’t do too well on serial mice. I’ve reported it here but I doubt it’s important to the Ubuntu guys because it’s only cranky old geeks like me who still have and use serial mice. It might be a kernel issue because the sermouse module didn’t help either.

However whatever way you look at it, the Ubuntu pre-release of WartyWarthog is an impressive bit of kit and I can’t wait to get it onto my parent’s computer in a little over a week from now.

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