… which actually has got a limp, and as such is complete harmless…

Today saw the first ever pre-release of the new Aranha codebase — “The Ukranian hunting spider”. (Don’t pay too much attention to that wiki it’s somewhat out of date)

Special thanks go to Breno Leitão for translating the release tagline into pt_BR: A aranha siberiana tem pernas boas, tem bom dia, pode capturar insetos, fazer teia, pegar insetos para a familia - Eu não posso fazer nada

Aranha is a FastCGI responder based on the Lua programming language and is under heavy development. The language has been extended and some important features have been added including a class system, docstrings on functions and tables, list comprehension and flexible string formatting.

I encourage you to get a copy and have a good play. You can find a tarball to download here so the only excuse is not knowing how to configure your webserver to have a fastcgi responder.

Update: Slight missing include file error :~~) dist tarball, config etc updated. Sorry :~~)

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