…I’m insatiable.

I’m now two and half weeks into my new job and I felt I ought to let you all know how I’m doing. I’m pleased to say that the horrors I had been warned about wrt. working with friends have not been borne out. However the ones related to working from home are ringing a little true.

I need to learn to control my distraction level a little more so that I can work a more normally lengthed day and get everything done. I have been working until I have my work done rather than until a certain time; and I’m getting better at achieving my goals within a sensible timeframe. When I started I was doing 09:30 ~~> 23:30 on average. Now I seem to be doing about 09:30~~> 18:30 which is much better.

I’m very pleased that the interest-level and challenge-level present in my job are high. I also like the fact that I now have a boss I feel I can argue with (even if I tend to lose) which is a refreshing change. My concerns about my personal time and Debian are manifest however. It’s not that I don’t have time; for I could surely make the time; it’s that I don’t have the mental energy left by the time I’ve given my all to my work.

I’ve promised jvw that I’ll do my best to do some Debian stuff this weekend. I hope I can keep that promise. Also today I head to wales to help my parents install Ubuntu on their desktop. I’m very much looking forward to finally ousting Win2K from their house :-)

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