…that which you can put off indefinitely.

Today saw a very strange set of outages of Pepperfish’s upstream ISP’s routing. After a while Loud-n-Clear managed to get enough back running that I was able to move MX services to the new IP range which we’ve been pending putting into action for quite a while now.

Once things were stable again at about 17:00 I began shifting services. Now at 19:22 the only things left unmoved are a couple of SSL websites which I need to concentrate very hard before I move.

All in all, very painless once I forced everyone’s zones on the box (ca. 190 domains) to have a 60 second TTL. I guess I’ll take the hit for the extra DNS traffic for a couple of hours. (TTLs are back to normal now)

And now, I’m off to play in a hellmouth. The things I do to unwind…

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