I have been providing the sympa mailing list manager on Pepperfish for a few years now; explicitly for a single customer who demands some of its features such that enemies-of-carlotta is insufficient.

Pepperfish are going to be moving to a new installation soon (new disks etc) and I have been porting configuration to the new temporary machine so that I can reduce the amount of time I have to spend in a cold noisy datacentre of doom. Unfortunately it seems that the version of sympa I have on Pepperfish now has an on-disk format fundamentally different to the sympa I have available for the new system. Now I have the joys of trying to use dpkg-repack and such to upgrade the data or else get the old sympa running on the new installation.

Sympa consistently causes me the most pain of any customer-facing service we have; and it’s used by exactly one of our customers (and not a very busy one at that). I just wish I could find a web interface to EoC to combine with a web archiving tool so that I could move the customer off Sympa.


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