I have been working on some vala code recently which supports the extant spotify client — adding media keys and notification support. Unfortunately the default notification service on Ubuntu 11.04 seems to be a bit grungy, not cancelling notifications or supporting replacement notifications properly. Also it doesn’t seem to return a notification ID if a client is full-screened on the monitor where the notification would otherwise display. Of course, these things may be fixed in more recent Ubuntus, I don’t know.

So I concentrated on making it work nicely with my Awesome WM setup. This resulted in my writing a small set of dbus bodgery for Awesome which also has notification “issues” in the sense that it doesn’t send the NotificationClosed signal because Awesome doesn’t have that ability. Also it wasn’t responding to all the introspection and property probes which gio/gdbus proxies end up using. My quick bodge did the trick and I’ll look at upstreaming something cleaner when I can get time to bring my checkout up to master.

I’d appreciate it if anyone elses out there who fancies it could try spotify-notify and let me know what they think. It’s a big skanky bodge currently so don’t expect the code to be nice. I ran into various Vala related issues which will hopefully boil down into bug reports in the next few days.

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