…So tell me what to do now, ’cause I want you back.

The current ’net meme seems to be to google for “Your name needs” and then select either the top few, or the best few to share with your blog readers.

Thusly, all Daniel ever needed was:

  • Daniel’s needs are like any other two-year old.
  • Daniel needs time and understanding that he has many feelings of grief, loss, and abandonment. Daniel needs a permanent family to call home![](
  • Daniel needs a helping hand to get that basket.
  • Daniel needs some advice on being sued by a buyer. — erk?)
  • Daniel needs a loving home that can provide good supervision and help him continue to heal from the wounds in his past.

All in all, google thinks I’m a pretty messed up person in need of lots of comfort and advice. — At least that means I should get more hugs. ({)

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