Forgive me, Intarwubs, for I have sinned. It has been a little over seven months and seven days since my last confession (regarding secretfs) and I have done much and little in that time.

In brief, I had a birthday, a 4th wedding anniversary, an 11th “togetherness” anniversary, a two week stint in hospital with cellulitis (Stepping Hill ~~- the same place that had the deaths from insulin infested I/V drips, and yes, at the same time I was there), I have changed jobs and I have ended up spending around a month in Korea so far.
Obviously there has been the usual plethora of events such as the Debian BBQ. Also a few less usual events such as the marriage of our new friends Paola and Malcolm; and of our old friends Steve and Jo.
Google+ has come, but Facebook has not quite gone yet. I bought an Asus Eeepad transformer and an HP Microserver yet I don’t really feel like I’ve spent much on interesting stuff this year.
Programming-wise~~- I am working on Caius at last, and also having thoughts about using my secretfs tech along with bluetooth, NFC and/or 802.15.4 to produce a physical proximity N/of/M authentication/key-storage mechanism. Perhaps the two techs might combine to mean I have a complex keyring on my laptop which is effectively just a random load of junk until the right combinations of devices are together at which point I can access stuff. That’d be pretty cool.

Also, I’ve started using Spotify a lot. While their Linux based offering is not as featureful as the Windows based one; their dev-team is reasonably responsive to politely worded support queries and I have had a lot of joy from it. However, their access library is pretty poor. It is threaded to the max and unpleasant issues arise from that as you’d expect. As such, I have decided to re-learn Vala by writing initially a simple binding to libspotify, then a reasonable set of GObjects wrapping it, and then hopefully a DBus binding for it; so that I can write multiple UIs all talking to one nearly compartmentalised-over-DBus backend. No idea if libspotify allows for multiple concurrent logins though (Not that it’s likely to be necessary).

That’s all for now. Ciau!

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