Using the low order bit of the ADC output of your sound card, randomsound gathers entropy, debiases it and offers it up to your kernel’s random pool.

It’s cool, it’s funky, it’s probably hideously insecure, but what the hey… download randomsound and have a play today.

Mostly, I wrote this to toy with the “exim4 eats all my entropy” problem which some of us who haven’t been able to upgrade to the very latest exim4 packages suffer from. Also it solves the problem of world peace; feeds all the starving; and magically resurrects the parents of every orphan ever, while curing everyone of HIV.
I’m interested in anyone who wants to tell me why I really shouldn’t run this, but thus far, it has been a life-saver for my mail infrastructure.

Some of these claims may be lies.

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