As some of you know, and fewer of you care, I changed jobs to work at Simtec Electronics some time ago. I changed for the fun of hardware, and low level programming and other such work which I hadn’t seen much of in my career thus-far. But as we all know, the apple never falls far from the tree and it wasn’t long before I was back writing application software.

However this time it was for fun (rather than profit) and it was at least low-level in the sense that I started hacking on a system emulator for the Simtec BAST development board with a colleague of mine (and co-debian-developer) - Vincent Sanders - in qemu.

From this was born the idea that we could at last provide a free ARM box to each and every Debian developer. We have been very very busy beavering away for a little over 10 days and though our eyes are bleeding from reading hardware datasheets with a view to implementing the hardware rather than the software we have cut a release.

Thus it is with great pleasure that I invite you all to come take a look at the QEMU Simtec BAST Project and have a go with version 0.8.2+stcb1 of the code.

Perhaps you would rather simply buy a real one since unlike the ARM Versatile or Integrator development boards, the BAST isn’t actually that expensive.

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