…or python 2.2 and a lot of tickling.

I checked out the latest arch-pqm from Colin Walter’s repository and proceeded to try and get a PQM going on my server. I needed to get this to work without any .forward or .procmailrc magic so I started by writing a little tool to fetch emails from a POP3 account and write them to files.

Then I had to get arch-pqm working. Now arch-pqm claims to require python2.3 so I set about trying to persuade it that 2.2 isn’t so bad and maybe it should get on with it. The easiest bit was the argument parser had a broken foo in (bar) test which I stomped on.

But then came the joy of os.walk() which isn’t in python2.2 so a little hack-fest later and I created os_walk() which behaves pretty much the same and works in python2.2.

def os_walk(path,topdown=True):
    l = []
    def fooble(l,dir,ents):
       ds = []
       fs = []
       for e in ents:
           if os.path.isdir("%s/%s" % (dir,e)):
       if topdown:
    return l

Perhaps that’ll be useful to anyone else trying to get arch-pqm working on a woody box.

Now to submit merge requests to it. o/

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