…shame about the subject.

A few weeks ago, on the launchpad sprint, I had the opportunity to blag the use of a lovely 50mm f1.4 lens from a colleague of mine, Martin Pool , and to take some photos with it. I would like to share one with you today (linked over on the right there). As my birthday approaches, I wonder to myself about whether or not I can afford to treat myself to such a lens. There is a 50mm f1.8 lens of comparable quality available for about one third the price of the f1.4 lens and I wonder if the extra 0.4 makes enough of a difference to warrant the price hike. (Obviously the optics will be superior also, but I feel that I’d be better placed saving the money on the f1.4 and instead saving towards the 100mm f2.8 macro lens which I’d love for taking photos of eyes and flowers.)

Oh well, I guess moving house is more important right now and that’s expensive enough. For reference, lawyers suck and take ages. I hateses them.

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