Finally I have my blog resurrected and migrated to IkiWiki which pleases me no-end. The theme still isn't quite right, but for the first time since I left Livejournal all those years ago, I have web-based comment support once more.

For those interested, you can see the blog source content and also you can see the setup content. For those interested in Gitano you can also see the post-receive hook which pings the wiki should I push content via Git instead of using the website.

For now, at least, you must log into the blog in order to comment. Most OpenID forms are supported, though the Google one seems a little temperamental and Google will be dropping OpenID support soon anyway. If you don't have an OpenID yet, I recommend using Stack Overflow's service, it's simple and effective.

Sorry for the ugly form the blog is taking, if one of you wants to offer a replacement theme / templates / CSS I'd be quite grateful for suggestions. Currently I'm using a modified bootstrap based theme but I'd entertain anything which overall looks clean and better. Even little tweaks to make the edit/comment links in the inline pages nicer would be good.

RSS feed into LJ

Hi Dan,

LiveJournal seems to be objecting to something in your RSS feed: LJ says "Parse error": It will try again in about 10 minutes (assuming timezone is correct).


Comment by spodlife []
RSS disabled, use Atom


  1. Livejournal is passing the wrong URL, you're going to want to change it
  2. Use atom not RSS, RSS is poo.

should be what you need.

Comment by Daniel Silverstone