…Then I’ll have candy all the time.

Rob Bradford says that not being at debconf means that he sucks. That makes me suck too :-( Thanks Rob.

In other news however, on Monday, the hardware for my spanky new MythTV box turned up and over the past two evenings I have worked on getting it just right. There are a few niggles in the form of MythTV’s UI in parts, but I have plans ready to deploy tonight to start to fix those. My main issue is that the system seems to explode horribly if I watch the same thing I’m recording.

The system has one tuner in it. It’s a Hauppauge Nova-T card (DVB-T tuner) which uses the cx88 driver. I’m using a slightly fudged Breezy kernel (I had to turn on cx88-dvb and fix a bit or two in ir-common) and for the most part I have it just right. However my kernel logs are full of lines which look like this: cx88[0]: irq mpeg [0x80000] pci_abort* which is, understandably, quite annoying.
If I watch the file I’m currently recording then what happens is the MPEG stream ends up corrupted as it comes out of the card. What’s worse is that this corruption sometimes persists after a power-off/wait-5-minutes/power-on cycle too and only goes away if I use the scan tool to rescan for channels. I initially thought it was “watch anything == crap-up” but it seems that I can watch other things I have previously recorded from LiveTV and I can watch any other media on the box, just not the file currently being recorded because doing that causes the card to corrupt.
Has anyone experienced similar with either the Nova-T or MythTV in general? Please please say “Yes, and here’s how I fixed it…” sob

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