Sometimes I get to think of myself as my own person, independent in thought, word and deed.

Then every now and again, I’m reminded that I’m part of a braincell collective which controls my mind. As an example, here’s something which happened on sunday with a friend of mine while shopping for lunch…

Daniel: <thinking>mmm cranberries and macadamia nuts</thinking>
Lesley: mmm cranberries and macadamia nuts
Daniel: Stop giving voice to my inner thoughts goddamnit!
Random other shoppers: <intense-confused-stare />

And then something else occurs which just reinforces that actually we all live in the matrix and nothing we do is our own independant activity. Specifically I discovered that not only am I re-reading the same set of stories as my father right now, but when we discovered this, we also discovered that we’d both just finished exactly the same book in the series. ARGH

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