…is a good MLM.

Today I sat down and tried to work out how to get a better mailing list manager onto my system. I have tried Sympa and Enemies of Carlotta and found both to be lacking. Unfortunately in both cases I have been stuck with customers relying on one or other of them. I have also tried to set up mailman and been so disappointed with it that I gave up.

What I want out of a mailing list manager is not very much:

  1. Virtual domains. This means allowing `info@domain1` and `info@domain2` to be separate lists. This needs to be scalable to hundreds of domains potentially.
  2. No daemons, no cronjobs. (Or a single instance of daemon/cronjob for all virtual domains — A daemon per virtual domain is unacceptable, a cronjob which has to iterate virtual domains is acceptable)
  3. Reasonable web interface. Doesn’t have to be gorgeous, but it must (at minimum) allow subscription, unsubscription, moderation and basic querying/admin.
  4. Easy archive integration (or pre-integrated archiving)
  5. Multiple moderator support — I have a customer who wants more than one moderator per list.
  6. Easy integration with Exim4. When I say “easy” I don’t necessarily mean I’m not prepared to write strange routers/transports but I do mean that I don’t want to be needing databases or scary file formats to determine if a list exists or not.
  7. Virtual domains must be separate management/administration realms.

Mailman offers almost all of that. Sympa almost offers it, but falls down by being hideously complicated to configure and use. EoC doesn’t have a web interface and also doesn’t seem to offer management on a per-domain basis. Where mailman falls down is that it would require a daemon per virtual domain or I couldn’t have info@domain1 be separate from info@domain2 — neither of which is acceptable.

Does anyone know of some free software which fits my requirements? I’m really really hating the mailman team right now because apart from the vhosting, mailman does everything I need.

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