…drivin’ a truck with my high heels on.

(quick redux of the past week)

Phew. I’ve now finished almost 600 miles of driving which I started last Tuesday with my drive from Cambridgeshire to Edinburgh. Now I enjoy driving quite a bit; but a car full of family and acoutrements can be quite an effort to drive around.

We did however have a nice time visiting the places around Alnmouth and Alnwick. Yesterday we went to Holy Island (Lindisfarne) and although the photos my mother out law took indicate a glorious sunny day; the wind was blowing at gale force two-thousand and we were frozen to the bone.

I’m now relaxing before I get back to work tomorrow for a day or two until the new-years celebrations. The cake worked well and is tasting rather good. Work is going well. Oh and I almost burned the place down. (but we returned early and foiled my cunning plan) — Thus I know that I’m unable to commit arson and thus am utterly beyond reproach. ahem

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