… the explanation is that it is in fact, my hand …

I’m trying to find out if it is possible to place (using CSS) a div in a specific place in the flow of a document when the source for the div is specifically elsewhere.

In this instance I’m trying to get the right-hand div thing in my blog to float there, but the source for it to be at the end of the document not at the start. (For accessibility reasons). Unfortunately if I do it the only way I know how; then it floats there but overlays the stories underneath (which leads to having to put unwanted borders in which sucks. As I have it now, it sits in the right place on the page and text wraps how I want it; but the source for the sidebar is at the top of the file where I don’t want it.

If any of you have any idea how to solve this; please do let me know.

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