…if he was here right now?

I have now been home from the Mataró conference for just over a day. I had quite a whirlwind two weeks of hard work. I remain in awe of the people who do this sort of level of work for two weeks before the conference also. I really enjoyed myself both on a professional and a personal level. It is a wonderful thing to be friends with your colleagues; and to have so many interesting and dedicated people turning up simply to be part of what we are creating is a very heartening feeling.

I introduced a few more people to Mao and look forward to playing some more games with them at the next conference. Special hello shouts go out to Corey Burger who is doing some wonderful stuff with the Ubuntu documentation team and the quickguide which my father will find very useful; also shouts to the entire distro team and especially to the community builders. Lulu, we’ll miss you.

I spent yesterday vegging out in front of the telly; enjoying immensely our new DVD/CD player with it sounding even more lovely now than when we got it three weeks ago.

Donnie Darko is an exceedingly odd and wonderfully shot and scored film. The Butterfly Effect is also an odd film which benefits over Donnie Darko by having a somewhat easier to follow plotline but which doesn’t have quite the remarkably immersive acting and atmosphere. Both together provided a very entertaining afternoon/evening.

I’ll be off and incommunicado from tomorrow until a little after christmas as I spend time with Rob and his mother in a small cottage in Scotland.

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