…Don’t you know you’re gonna shock the monkey.

Steve Kemp was talking about hacking on the livejournal codebase in a recent blog posting of his. He mentioned that one of his goals was to:

Remove the emotional connotations of the word “friend”, by replacing it with “trusted readers”, and “interesting users”

One thing which I think his choice of words highlights is that livejournal as it stands seems to have no separation between “blogs I want to read” and “blogs of people I want to read my protected postings”. Now I switched to pyblosxom to stop myself needing to be angered by this separation. By only blogging things I’m happy for others to read I figure that there’s no need to worry about the conflation of those concepts.

One thing I do hope is that if Steve manages to separate the ‘friends’ concept into “trusted readers” and “Interesting users” then I’ll be very interested in seeing that codebase feed back to Livejournal. Of course now that six apart are (or have now completed the) aquiring livejournal this may end up not happening.

Does anyone know of a good tool which runs on linux and which can extract an entire livejournal into some useful transition format such as XML? I’d love to backpropogate all my old postings into my pyblosxom so that in the future I could import them into whatever blog software I use going forward.

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