…The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Today I went to see this film and I have to say that I really really enjoyed it. It was bright, beautifully shot, delightfully scored, well translated from the book to the screen and overall a joy to watch. Georgie Henley Skandar Keynes William Moseley and Anna Popplewell did superb jobs as the Pevensie children and Tilda Swinton was very very good as the white witch, despite the fact that many feel she wasn’t “evil” enough. I came away from the film feeling buoyed up on the emotions and very satisfied by the whole experience.

Interestingly, one actor stuck in my mind. James McAvoy who plays Mr Tumnus was someone who I knew I’d seen before but could not place. Fortunately once I got home, IMDb was indeed my friend and reminded me of the fantastic Inside I’m dancing which I had the pleasure of watching once on a plane. By far and away the most rewarding of any in-flight film I’ve ever seen. If you get the opportunity, watch it. Do.

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