Today I rang the estate agent of the property I was looking to buy in Manchester to put a higher offer in than the last one I placed (I hate all this pansying around with agents, but it’s the way thing are done here in the UK) only to be told that the owner had withdrawn the property from the market to do work on it before re-listing the property (at a potentially higher price).

Now, this is a property which was on the market for 85k. I and some friends did some maths having viewed the property and decided it needed ca. 10k of work doing to it, so I offered 75k along with the explanation (which was rejected). Now (I’m guessing) the owner will do maybe 5k of work on it and expect to re-list it for 85k to 90k when in reality, with the work finished on it, it’ll be worth about 80k tops anyway.

So now I have to go and look for other properties with my extremely limited time and even more limited funds.

Why can’t life be simple?

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