…Slim ShadyDaniel Silverstone.

I just thought I’d take this opportunity to back Martin F. Krafft up on the point of names and IRC. Those of you who know me on IRC know me as Kinnison. There exists exactly two people in this world who I tolerate calling me that in real-life. One is my husband and the other knows who they are. The main issue is that my brain works very very oddly and as such I don’t actually recognise the sound of ‘Kinnison’ as someone trying to get my attention. Plus it takes a conscious effort on my part to link that name to myself in anything other than realtime online communication.

So, along with Martin, I’d like to raise the point once more that unless you’re actually speaking to me on IRC or a talker, please remember, my parents gave me the name ‘Daniel’ and surprisingly I quite like it. Also note, I am not ‘Dan’ ‘Danny’ ‘Dannster’ ‘Dan the man’ or any other irritating diminutive or cutesy variant.


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