For a while now I have been working on a git-configured git-managed ssh-accessible git hosting system called Gitano and it is finally coming together nicely. I have also been using Branchable for various things and Ikiwiki for my own stuff. The way that Branchable offers vhosted Ikiwiki is awesome and I was pondering doing similar for Gitano.

To do this would require that I (a) ensure that a gitano-admin cannot do anything evil on the server and that (b) it’s possible to automate the deployment of a virtual Gitano instance in some manner. Do people think that this would be a good avenue to persue? If enough people are interested, I’ll put it into my ideas file for filling out. If people think I should shut up and leave it to Gitorious et al, then I will do so instead.

For now, I am offering people the chance to play with a Gitano instance by having access to the one on for personal repositories. If you’re interested in that, then send me a mail with an SSH public key and the sorts of things (and rough size) that you would want to use it for.

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