I have been working quite hard, along with my friend and colleague Richard Maw, on getting Gitano ready for a release suitable for inclusion into Debian Stretch.

You can see how we're doing on the various Trello boards for:

As Richard and I work toward a version of Gitano we're prepared to support long-term in Debian we are making many changes to make our lives easier. For those of you who have been using Gitano over the past few years, you'll need to pay attention to some postings which will be coming soon about how to make the changes you need so as to not explode horribly when you upgrade to the version we're releasing soon. For those of you who are not yet using Gitano but feel like you might want to; I'll also be producing some postings about getting started with the packages. And for those happily running current HEAD of Gitano already, I'll be posting about some of the new features over the next little while in case you're not aware of them.

IMPORTANT: If you're using Gitano already and have any issues or feature requests then please please please let me know ASAP otherwise they're unlikely to be resolved/implemented before 1.0. irl already asked for the facility to verify GPG signed commits and tags, but if you want anything else considering then I need to know v. soon. (Ideally email me, but you may comment on this posting too if you must)