Brokeback Mountain is not a film for everyone. Indeed when I went to see it on Tuesday 17th Jan with some friends of mine, an entire row of chav males in the row in front of us got up and left the moment the first serious gay scene happened.

A lot of people refer to the film as a love story between two men, but I saw it much more as a portrait of love, hate, betrayal and in particular, sorrow for the female partners of the two main characters. Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal made excellent and in the case of Heath, extremely believable characters out of the cowboys. Ang Lee’s direction was impeccable and the scenery and music truly breathtaking at times. And yes, silly old me did cry at one point.

I was reminded to write this posting by the Oscar nominations which this year see Brokeback Mountain being nominated for a total of eight awards. In particular I think it deserves the ‘Best Actor in a Leading Role’, ‘Best Direction’, ‘Best Conversion’ and ‘Best Cinematography’ nominations and I hope it gets a chance to win a good bundle of awards.

If you have not yet gone to see Brokeback Mountain and if cinema is “your thing” then I seriously recommend you get out there and see it on a big screen. a DVD just won’t give you the same majesty of landscape as a cinema. All in all, in the language of the Canonical office: Need… More… Thumbs!

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