This weekend I took the plunge and got an android based phone (The T-Mobile HTC-manufactured G1 in black).

Unfortunately it turns out that the man in the shop lied when I asked if it would work with my Tomtom — It has no ‘dund’ support out of the box. However, following the ever so useful instructions on the Android Wiki I managed to downgrade the phone, jailbreak it, and re-upgrade to a chap’s modified firmware which has the bluetooth binaries etc in it. Unfortunately that wasn’t quite enough and I couldn’t get the Tomtom talking to it.

I am assured that there’s an update to the firmware due soon, although it’s not clear whether that’ll fix the missing features. Also there are rumours of a large firmware upgrade due in the first quarter of this year, but that’s even more woolly since only one person (who I do trust) has mentioned it to me as yet.

I have started to get a feel for coding for Android. Having pooh-poohed it when the emulators and SDKs first happened, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. The Android stack is well thought out and quite pleasing to write for. Unfortunately I appear to be writing something which isn’t typically attempted by the sorts of people who write tutorials, so I am stuck trying to grobble through the source for the phone’s main apps, and small bits of examples I find lying around on the net.

If anyone has a small, clean, example of an application which combines tabs, bound services which may optionally be started to make them persistent, threading for the service to run code in the background, and asynchronous callbacks for status updates from the service to the app frontend, then I’d be interested in seeing code.

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