Before any of you get your hopes up. NO I have NOT managed it yet.

However, a bit of fiddling today did get me as far as the tomtom establishing a PPP connection. Unfortunately it subsequently did chuff-all with the link, not even a SYN packet afaict.

Here’s roughly what I did:

  1. Wrote a skanky shell script to pretend to be a modem, enough to persuade the tomtom it had dialled: Note heinous use of `tr` in order to get the `r` which the tomtom sends, to be a `n` which the busybox shell expects.
  2. Wrote a teeny script to automate starting dund because I am slack and can’t be bothered to type too much:
  3. Watched as the PPPD connected and logged such: extract of log
  4. I even straced the pppd (once it had launched the script) and got: this strace output.
  5. Then I cried because no packets were going from the Tomtom to the G1 or vice-versa, and nothing useful happened. Eventually I pressed cancel on the tomtom which caused the LCP packet for disconnection by “User Request” — Yeesh!

So, if anyone wants to pick up where I have left off, and have a go some more, then please do tell me if you manage to get anywhere more useful.

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