Yesterday evening, after Celso and Janice took me to eat dinner at the local mall, I got back to Kiko’s (where I am staying) and Kiko offered to let me try this ‘caqui’ fruit which I had had recommended to me during the day. Once he brought it out of the fridge I realised it was a sharon fruit, although larger than any I had seen before. He looked amused at me when I said “Oh. Sharon fruit” but hey. Here is an extract from a book about fruits which talks about the ‘caqui’:

Most of the world calls them kaki; they are caqui in Spanish, or Sharon fruit in Israel. In the United States, they are called persimmons after the Algonquin Indian name for Diospyros virginiana, the native american persimmon or Possum Persimmon. The genus name, Diospyros, means “food for the gods”.

This morning, while waiting for the rains to stop, Kiko offered to make me some breakfast. This included some ‘goiba’ (guava, which I wasn’t particularly impressed by) and a pretty fruit called ‘carambola’ which has a five-pointed star cross-section tastes quite a lot like grape. Also I was given some cheese called ‘minas’ which to be honest tasted faintly like the flavourless sausages you get in “Beans ’n Sausages” cans.

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