Today I started fencing again. After a year of swimming I felt that I could end my nine-year-long gap with a chance of not dying horribly in the first five minutes. Indeed I lasted almost fifteen before I had to stop. In two hours I managed a small warmup/stretch, a ten minute hit about to get the feel of the weapon again, a short fight, which I lost 5-2, but to be frank, that I got two points was going well by then. And then later, once I had caught my breath and the burn in my legs had gone down, I had a short following/simple-movement lesson with another of the fencers who was kind enough to provide a body and prompts. I chatted with various of the people there, volunteered to help with the Ashton Open which is coming up at the end of the month, decided to join the club, got volunteered to help look after their website and ordered a jacket in OMG-HOW-BIG-ARE-YOU? size. I really enjoyed the evening, and it is scary to once again realise how close-knit and friendly the british fencing community is.

My quadriceps really need a lot of work, they’re where all the burn is/was, so I guess I’ll be practicing standing en-garde and lunging. My balance is way off as well, but that will come back with time and practice. The two people who helped me this evening both commented though that I appear to have retained the finger and wrist technique, so as soon as I can marshall my elbow and shoulder into behaving properly again, I stand a chance of actually being able to fight more effectively.

I really must go and get my eyes re-tested though, I fenced without my glasses this evening and it was quite difficult at times to judge distance, despite not being terribly short-sighted.

Still, all in all an excellent experience. So I’ll be heading back next week.

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