A pile of Entropy Keys, unboxed.Four rows of 25 Entropy Keys

Yesterday (2009-08-26) we built a small batch (100) of Entropy Keys so that we would have enough to take to the Debian UK BBQ this year. Indeed I shall be able to haul enough to fulfill 200% of the orders as yet received for the BBQ, so if you arrive and decide you want one (or one more :-) then I should have plenty of spares. They remain £35 only for the BBQ weekend. If you miss that boat, then they’ll be at £41.40 (admittedly incl. shipping) once we go live on the website for sales.

The process was a bit arduous for us. This is the first product we’ve done for ourselves (rather than for our customers to sell) in almost a decade. Legislative requirements change in that kind of time frame, as does one’s understanding of the production process. Normally we’d be taking bare boards, like those on the left, and putting them in anti-static jiffy bags and posting them to our customer in big boxes. However this time we actually had to box the devices, flood-fill them with potting compound, prepare security-sealed envelopes with the security keys in them, prepare labels for the devices, etc. On the right you can see the 100 devices all neatly in rows, waiting for their epoxy treatment.

All I have left to do now, is prepare the ISO image full of READMEs, debs and rpms, and then have a rest. I should warn the BBQ buyers that they’re getting v1.0 software, so I hope you’re all ready to provide patches to fix any hiccoughs on the host side. We’re very happy with the device firmware though, so I’m not worried about that.

The keys will be on soak test tomorrow morning, so they’ll be all nice and ready for you all on Saturday. Mmmm randomilicious.

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