A while ago, I ended up using the term ‘drug fucked narcissistic megabitch gymbunny’ in a conversation about gay stereotypes and how I obviously fit them all so perfectly. Those words got jotted down in my “words” file where I keep interesting words or phrases which trigger a desire to write.

Here’s what poured out of my fingers when I let them ruminate on the above phrase for a few minutes…

It was early morning. Scrabbling madly within his pocket, his shaking fingers finally grasped the errant key. Slowly, painstakingly, the key was inserted and turned. The front door swung open, creaking as though in protest at the late hour of its use. He raised his aching red eyes to the mirror opposite the front door. ‘Why oh why did I put that there’ he lamented as he gazed distainfully at the visage which greeted him. ‘Drug-fucked narcissistic megabitch gymbunny’ he thought, ‘Yep, about right’.
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