For quite a while, I used ‘Bitstream Vera Sans Mono’ which eventually became ‘DejaVu Sans Mono’ but I eventually changed to ‘Droid Sans Mono’ as my terminal and editor font. I’m beginning to realise that while the numerals are readily distinguishable in my chosen font (i.e. 1 vs. l), I am finding the tilde (~) to be annoying because it’s in the middle not at the top, the caret (^) annoying because it’s just too big, the asterisk (*) annoying because it’s too small and the pipe (|) annoying because it’s solid and not broken.

So, I thought I’d throw it out there for people to give me suggestions for replacement fonts which look reasonably similar to DejaVu or Droid for monospace work, but which address any or all of the above issues.

For reference, this posting by damieng contains screenshots of Droid and illustrates at least some of the above issues.

Edit: Terminus was suggested to me, which prompted me to amend this posting to say “The font needs to be scalable. I use editors at a range of font sizes depending on which display and editor or terminal client it is.” Terminus appears to be a bitmap font only, which isn’t really suitable.

Edit2: Inconsolata was also suggested to me, and that prompted me to say that I do view a lot of non-Latin stuff in editors and terminals (think translations) so the font ideally needs to be as complete as possible.

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