…I wanna make a movie so let’s star in it together.

LJ exports a <comments> tag in its RSS export; but not in its ATOM export. It also fails to take notice of the <comments> entry in my ATOM feed. This means that the LJ syndication lacks any form of obvious direct-link to my blog’s comments system. As a result; people reading my blog via LJ are commenting on the syndicated feed which of course doesn’t come back to me.

What we need here; is a defined way to specify where to go if someone clicks a ‘Comments’ link and some way to provide the number of comments etc; so that instead of the LJ comments system you go straight to the one on my pyblosxom.

Of course; a way to export the comments interface over the syndication feed entirely would be nice. Perhaps with some sort of XMLRPC way to feed comments back to the owning blog.

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