Quick redux of the past few weeks…

  • Went to Manchester, saw dks, ed, etc.
  • Saw various houses.
  • Saw a house I wanted.
  • Put in offer
  • Had offer tentatively accepted.
  • Been in London working for a week.
  • Ranted at estate agent to get them to try harder to sell my place.

In more detail, I saw various houses in Manchester and among them was a property which is being done-up. I liked the promise of the place, and the lack of “finishing” means I don’t have to undo someone’s décor in order to put in what I want. I now really need someone to buy my property. I’m in a position to drop the price on my place in order to make it sell more quickly. If anyone is interested in buying a two-bedroom house in a village in Cambridgeshire, contact me about it and I may be able to cut you a better deal than the estate agents currently know about. The offer I have put in on the place in Manchester can’t be binding until I can instruct my solicitors, and I can’t do that without a buyer for my place.

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