John Goerzen recently made a positing about Git, Mercurial and Bzr in which he states “bzr doesn’t support tags and has no support for emailing changesets whatsoever”. Just so you know John, Bzr 0.15 is carrying a form of tags support written by Martin Pool and also has had for some time now support for bundles. Bundles are easily emailed around and can be used to merge from. The main Bazaar development list uses them for this. All you’d need would be a trivial plugin to allow you to mail the bundle from the command line. And that’s just needed if you can’t cope with bzr bundle | mail -s "Here's the feature you wanted" recipient@domain. You can even use BundleBuggy to monitor a mailing list and look after merge requests.

Of course, tags are not actually needed for bzr. After all, in a repo, a branch is practically free, so simply making a branch for a release is easy enough, although I can understand a desire for tags from people who are used to them. As for sending changesets by email… bundles are easy, but I prefer to push my branch to my server and send a reference instead.

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