While I was away in Spain, my partner Rob used the BT wake-me-up reminder call service a few times because he had found that his alarm clock wasn’t waking him in the mornings. However because he didn’t know you can do it on the phone keypad he rang the operator to ask them to arrange the call.

He was never informed of the charges despite making seven of these requests over a period of two weeks.

The result was… £28 of charges on my phone bill where had he known that you can type it in yourself, a mere £1.40 would be what I would be facing now.

BT really need to (1) put these prices on their damned website. (2) Inform people when they use the more expensive service that there is a cheaper alternative and (3) bloody well tell you the price of the service when you order something so hideously expensive as a £4 wakeup call.

I don’t blame Rob, I blame BT. Bastards!

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