…take one down, squash it with work. 104 RC bugs on the wall.

This weekend just gone saw a small BSP in the UK along with various parties around the wall. This meant that a reasonably large number of us gathered at Steve McIntyre’s house in Cambridge for beer and bug squashing. There was a lot of new faces at the party and I for one enjoyed meeting new people immensely. Shouts go out to Paul, Steve, Eddy, Tim and everyone else I met for the first time (those names stick in the mind).

The party also provided an opportunity for more people to meet the cheap imitation and also Sideshow bob.

People also got to see more of Nattie, who has been to a couple of the summer Debian-UK BBQs, which was good. And I do hope we haven’t scared off the new people. I actually got a pile of Debian stuff done, which was nice because I have been letting so many people down recently with respect to Debian stuff.

All in all, a good weekend and I look forward to getting around to a bit more Debian stuff as and when I get time. Just keep bugging me :-)

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