Yesterday I started to feel really bad. Having had a low-level sore throat last night my body finally decided to give-out.

At 7pm I decided to go to bed because I hurt and was very tired. At 7.55pm my colleage Steve Alexander rang and offered me some food. I asked for some easy to swallow stuff and then went back to bed. Within 15 minutes of that I started to cough fairly roughly. Once I was upright the coughing subsided and I waited for Steve. Once Steve turned up I thought I should take some of my preventer so I grabbed a puff of it and within 5 seconds I was rushing to the bathroom to cough up a large lump of something nasty. It had blood in it so I asked to see the hotel doctor.

Eventually the doctor turned up, diagnosed me with a nasty chest infection and has given me paracetamol and codeine for the pain, antibiotics for the chest and some throat lozenges for soothing my throat. Total cost? Around 320$AU. I hope my health insurance covers this.

This morning I just feel tired but the thought of sleeping any longer really doesn’t appeal so I imagine I shall zombie around the conference all day resting and chatting quietly with people about the specifications I’m involved in.

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