I’ve just finished watching the awards ceremony for the BAFTAs and I have been tmpted to go and see several more films as a result. Some of the clips shown were truly inspiring. Indeed despite several comments I’ve heard from people I trust about how Memoirs of a Geisha was somewhat disappointing as stories go, the cinematography, sound and general look of the film seems truly beautiful to me.

When I wrote about Brokeback Mountain I suggested that in my opinion it truly deserved the ‘Best Actor in a Leading Role’, ‘Best Direction’, ‘Best Conversion’ and ‘Best Cinematography’ awards. Unfortunately for Heath Ledger he lost out to the fantastically talented Philip Seymour Hoffman for ‘Best Actor’ and the cinematography award went to Memoirs of a Geisha. However Jake Gyllenhaal won best supporting actor and of course, the film won ‘Best Film’ which surprised me considering the incredible competition it was up against.

So now I’m left trying to find the time, money and opportunity to see Memoirs of a Geisha , Crash , Capote and Good Night, and Good Luck — all of which look like excellent films which somehow I haven’t yet seen.

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