(What it slipped my mind I can’t be sure, but it made it fuzzy)

I was pondering this morning about names. It struck me that even eleven years on from when I left that particular set, I can list my entire class’s surnames from when I was in years 7 to 11. I can probably tell you the first names of most of them, but I can’t be sure on a couple.

Yet I cannot, for the life of me, tell you the surname of my first crush, nor my second crush, nor indeed the surnames of most of my fencing or clubbing friends from before I went to university. I can barely remember the surnames of those I was friends with at university, indeed only those I’m still in contact with do I really know properly.

So, if you’re Sam, Liz, Sarah, Joe, Russell, Ian, Dave, Steve, Jeff or Andy, and you remember who I am, perhaps you should remind me of your names; it’s bugging me now.

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