Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life. The night before I had been chatting with friends and colleagues and playing cards and having a drink or two. At nearly 1am I decided to crash in bed because I needed to get up the following morning reasonably early. I got into my room to discover a feather duvet on the bed. Fortunately the sheet and blanket I had asked for was still there, so I swapped them over, chucked the duvet on the floor and crashed out on the bed.

The following morning I awoke in incredible pain unable to breathe properly. Every muscle in my body ached. It hurt to move my eyes. I was unamused. It transpires that although the upper of the two pillows on my bed was hollow fibre, the hotel had also replaced the bottom pillow with a feather one. Despite being told that I am horribly allergic to feathers.

Later that day, when housekeeping was done with my room, I went to have a nap because I had slept quite so poorly the night before, only to discover that housekeeping had replaced my pillows with feather ones and had taken my sheet and blanket away, replacing them with a feather duvet.

Now, as you may expect, I was starting to get somewhat angry. With the assistance of Claire (Our new life-organising wonderwoman), and Jeff Bailey, I went to the front desk to complain. They promised me they’d replace the duvet with a blanket and sheet and get rid of the feather pillows right away. I gave it 10 minutes and then went to my room.

Imagine my surprise to find an itchy blanket and no sheet, and only one of the feather pillows replaced with a hollow fibre one. I rang housekeeping and waited for a replacement sheet and pillow. I then had a 20 minute nap before getting on with my work.

Fortunately the evening went a lot better. I had curry and went to a bar. This led to the best night’s sleep I have had so far. Unfortunately I now can’t find my pyjamas. ARGH!

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