I have resigned from my role at Canonical where I was a member of the team developing the soyuz portion of the Launchpad project and where I also did some work on Ubuntu also.

I have been given the opportunity to go and do what I have been wanting to do now for almost six years — go to work on the lower levels of the software stack we all take for granted. I will be starting work at Simtec Electronics mid-August and while I will be working on things at as high level as I am used to at Canonical I will also be plunging down through the levels of experience I have gained at MIPS and Zeus, to the as-yet uncharted (for me) waters of programmable logic itself.

To those who I have worked with over the past (nearly-)two years on Launchpad and Ubuntu I wish the very best of luck. I think Launchpad is an excellent project and it has the opportunity to really make a difference to the open source world. I will continue to use Ubuntu on my servers although I imagine that with my new job I’ll be moving a little further back toward Debian (although perhaps not).

To all my friends in the Ubuntu community — I will miss you. Some of you have been invited to come and visit and those invitations still stand, just contact me by mail to discuss them. Those of you who I was helping with packaging or similar are welcome to continue receiving what little help I can offer. And those of you who simply enjoyed a game of cards from time to time — keep on Maoing.

I don’t know if I’ll make it to any of the conferences as a community member, perhaps if there’s one in the UK I may. If not, then Auf Wiedersehen Pet and I’ll see you on the flip-side.

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