Ingo Juergensmann recently asked if there is a way to get more entropy for exim4 for a way to make exim4 take less entropy.

A while ago I posted my solution which grabbed the imagination of Steve Gran who I believe created and upload a debian package which garnered a not inconsiderable amount of back-flack from people who failed to realise that I wrote it because I wanted something which would solve my problem, and that perhaps the package needed more disclaimers or warnings.

One person actually took time to explain things to me and provide sample code which one day I will incorporate into the release copy of randomsound but for now it’s just crap :~~)
So Ingo, one option is to install the randomsound package and enjoy that, you might have to backport it to stable if that’s what your server runs.
Another would be to spank the fool who wants to send huge mails through your server and tell them to get a web space :~~)

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