A week ago on Monday I went to the doctor. Such a romantic thing; an asthma checkup.

I did my usual explaining of my asthma symptoms and the nurse listened carefully and asked pertinent questions (as one might expect, and indeed as my checkups have gone for the past decade plus) however this time when I finished the story the nurse asked me again what asthma drugs I was on and what I had tried in the past.

I went through my drug history with her and this time she looked quite annoyed. She basically said that she wanted to eliminate the one very bad day per week I was experiencing on average. She got me to try a new drug which I had never tried before; in combination with a third drug and a replacement reliever inhaler.

I can say that without a shadow of a doubt my new preventer inhaler works like a charm. Symbicort combination turbohaler 100/6 buesonide/eformoterol fumarate. Bloody excellent. Oddly I can’t say the same of my new reliever. Although that’s no fault of the reliever; it’s simply that for the past eight and a half days (I.E. since I started the new preventer) I’ve simply not needed to use a reliever puff at all.

Now considering that for the past decade (plus a couple of years) I’ve been puffing away on relievers and tried all sorts of preventers, and rarely have I had days when I didn’t need at least one reliever puff let alone a whole week, I am understandably very very pleased with my new drugs.

If anyone out there needs ventolin (or bricanyl) and is on the standard becotide preventers, I strongly suggest that you talk with your doctor about the Symbicort buesonide/eformoterol combination turbohaler. While I don’t expect this fantastic result to continue indefinitely, simply in the past week it has changed my life.

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