On my way over to Brazil for the work conference I’ve now finished attending, I had the unfortunate requirement to sit land-side in Heathrow terminal 4 for about two hours. During this time I had no internet connection and so couldn’t move money into the right bank account to buy a coffee. To pass the time I sat and wrote a scathing complaint (on official feedback paper) about how there was no wifi access land-side and how utterly unacceptable this was. I wrote on the form that I wanted a response in email because if they responded while I was away I wouldn’t otherwise know.

Imagine my shock therefore when I woke up this morning and to my delight there was a response sitting in my mailbox about the complaint I had filed a mere week and a bit ago. Since the disclaimer only said that non-intended recipients had no right to redistribute the content, I am reproducing the bulk of the message below to show that against all odds, BAA do seem to listen to their customers. Ask and þee shall receive…

Dear Mr Silverstone<br>
Feedback Reference: 1028547<br>
Thank you for taking the time to complete a feedback card during your recent<br>journey through Terminal 4.<br>
I have spoken to our Head of Commercial Telecomms and she has informed me that<br>in approximately 8 weeks from now, a wireless LAN 'hotspot' is being installed<br>in the Cafe Nero 'landside'.<br>
I do hope you are able to make use of this service during a future journey<br>through Heathrow Airport.<br>
With regards<br>
Susan Valles<br>Traveller Communications<br>On Behalf of BAA Heathrow Airport Ltd.
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