Unfortunately the descent into Sydney really made my ears hurt. Fortunately it was a fairly quick descent. The flight from Hong Kong to Sydney was uneventful, not desperately restful and was where I discovered that the person sitting across the aisle from me lives 25 miles from where I live.

The taxi ride from the airport was amusing to say the least. Here am I, “fresh” from 23 hours of flights and I had to look up the hotel in the street atlas because the taxi driver didn’t know where the hotel was.

However we did pass the Stonewall hotel and also “House of Fetish” which I thought made up for things.

I have just taken a shower and now need to find some usable bandwidth. Unfortunately the room I’m supposed to be in isn’t ready yet, the hotel wireless isn’t free and the conference room is locked and I can’t see an ubuntu essid from out here.


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