I am currently stuck taking four times the suggested daily dose of two anti-histamines in order to combat my body and its reaction to plants having sex all around me.

I am taking two 10mg Loratadine tablets, and two 10mg Cetirizine Hydrochloride tablets, twice daily. This is effectively four times the recommended dose of twice as many anti-histamines as I should need.

I wasn’t this bad last year, but the year before was similar. Irritatingly, once the drugs kick in (45 minutes to an hour after taking) my runny nose, itchy/burny eyes, slight dopeyness induced by feeling crap, etc. all fade away. Yesterday I needed my second dose a mere 8 hours after the first, but I didn’t need to re-dose until this morning after that.

I guess what I’m asking is — what is the expected side-effects of taking such a high dose of antihistamines. Do any of you out there have to take such high doses, have you seen a doctor about this? All I expect a doctor to do is to either supply me more loratadine on prescription (which is of dubious value unless I get a lot given prescription charges in the UK), or to try me on a nasal spray, which tend to induce nosebleeds for me. If you’ve found other ways to cope, I’m interested. Otherwise I guess I’ll make an appointment to see the doctor in the next week or so.

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