Norbert Tretowski says here that he has never seen anti-aliased fonts look good.

Basically I’m certain that he’s simply never seen someone who has configured their fonts properly. I’ve never found a distribution which successfully configured anti-aliased fonts properly on all machines out of the box; but I have to say that my web-browsing experience was infinitely enhanced by correctly configuring fontconfig.

A (un-antialised) B (anti-aliased)

How you can claim that image A shows clearer and nicer text than image B is beyond me.

Naturally if you’re not using an LCD of similar characteristics to mine then this demonstration will be slightly different. I assert that the antialiased variant looks infinitely better on my screen and if it looks utterly vile to you then what is important is that you would think AA fonts are vile until you configure them properly for your screen.

Update: I configured my fonts using the Gnome font preferences dialog. I chose the detailed view and picked the combination which looked best on my monitor. I’m sure someone else will know how to configure files in /etc to do the same but I’m afraid I don’t.

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